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"Songs wrap up us in love, care, and mystery. Mixes feel like a conversation between your brain and heart. I'm always hoping my ears keep my spirit intact that way; my heart can run a rhythm that my mind can count to infinity. I love sound and music, and these songs are examples of constant wonder in how sound is an invisible force your body has a secret conversation with" 

- Roberto Carlos Lange

Juan Felipe Arce Bayona, better know by his artist name Pape Arce, is a Sound Artist, Record Producer, and Tonemeister based in Copenhagen.

As a Tonemeister, he has a BA from The Royal Academy Of Music and is currently completing his MA there as well (2021).


Not focusing on a specific genre, but rather on creative of approaches, Pape ’s production work focuses on different constellations of artists and musicians (songwriters, string ensembles, composers, bands..) focusing on creating a safe, imaginative space where every artist can flourish, be challenged, and express themselves freely in new sonic ways.

As a sound artist (under the moniker "Sound And Vision")  he explores themes of intimacy and care, immigrant identity, and the importance of community and kindness as revolutionary and healing acts.

He is also part of Experimental-Folk band Mavi Express and Indie-Rock band Gentle Creatures


His debut record as Sound and Vision “The long Walk To Forever” will be released on the Copenhagen-based label No Technique in Fall 2021.

Gentles Creatures debut record "Slowly, full of love, towards the still pools" will be released on the record label and art collective Noisy Beehive in July 2021.


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